1. Easier to Find/Reach

User always find solution to their problem. You need to make it as easy to be searchable. Your customer always able to find more one solution and the key is WHY YOU – How Unique you are.

2. Credibility

Social proof – 90% of consumers claim that online reviews influence their purchase decisions. Customer testimonials from genuine channel is a must to boost the confident rate. After potential customer found you, it’s all about providing a CLEAR SENSE of what YOU (company) offer


3. Online = 24/7

Your website is still running and still visiting by your potential customer even when you’re sleeping. Always provide the ability to give feedback, especially manage to engage your visitor and converting them to your customer.

4. Reachable

Today’s digital-savvy world, customer cannot find you means they will find alternative, means they will find somewhere else. In fact, solidly provide your contact information, business/phone number and physical location as you didn’t know there might be a chance your potential investor or partner is looking for you

5. Cost Effective

Personalizing a sales through online is very low cost and this can be done easily especially providing special offer. Make your customer feel special via personalization and “Only for Me”.

6. Analytics

Evergreen content will brings you genuine visitors with worth-to-analysis visitor’s data. Measure your marketing returns, tracking ROI is much easier with advanced digital tools such as Google Analytics or WordPress built-in analytic module. It’s good move to learn about customers, understand their next interest.

7. Worldwide

Having a website is basically connecting you to the whole world – wider audience range. It will determine your potential through your content presentation, it will determine your legitimacy through your engagement.

8. Customer Service

By putting your sales online you’re reducing the cost of human resources. However, do not forget that the needs from customer is always the same – Customer Support must be always available. With general (at least) 10 FAQ and without is bringing great difference!

9. Easy to Update

You own and control your website, regardless you have in-house department that handle the non-verbal communication job, or outsourcing to agency OR even handle by yourself. Never let outdated information confuse your customer and leads to a problem.

10. Competitors Have It

No website means losing business – according to Forbes. It’s very true as we can easily found alternative solution anytime, hence you didn’t showcase = bye bye. Digital branding will definitely create better brand recognition. Position yourself and stay in control is the key.


Bottom Line

The Top 10 Vital reasons stated above shall be a great reference when you have your own website, especially your website will represent yourself or your organization/company brand – ultimately brand will be becomes word of mouth when you’re not inside the room!

If yourself don’t have website, START NOW.
If your company/business don’t have website, START NOW.
If your organization don’t have website, START NOW.

Stay tuned for tips and tricks on how to start a website.

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