Myself wearing I’mPossible t-shirt at Selfie Museum at
Fahrenheit88 KL

IMPOSSIBLE -> I’MPOSSIBLE is simply just adding one Apostrophe and the whole meaning is opposite completely.

During my 20’s, i was thought of handling multiple companies is a hassle and it’s like a long-journey dreams for me. I was so envy to others that have more than 1 business on hand.

Last time, IMPOSSIBLE is like the very first thing that came across my mind whenever there’s new idea that need to execute especially I’m always focus on the challenges rather than focus on excellence.

Pursue excellence and success will come chasing you

The movie 3 Idiots, the main character – Rancho said: “Pursue excellence and success will come chasing you“. I watched the movie on year 2009 where the year i founded my very first company after the winning of MIBPC (Malaysia-IHL Business Plan Competition) organized by MDeC.

to be continue…..

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