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1 June Google Photos Stop Free Unlimited Storage – Stop backup so that it doesn’t exhaust your 15GB free Gmail storage

11 November 2020, Google announced “Updating Google Photos’ storage policy to build for the future”. Today, 1 June is the day Google Photos enroll new storage policy. Starting June 1, all photos that you backup on Google Photos will count toward your free 15GB Google account storage. Until now, only those photos that were backed […]

How to Manipulate Online Poll (and how to counter it)

Should Malaysia Government Recognize UEC? I read an article posted at “” regarding “Perlukah Kerajaan Malaysia Mengiktiraf UEC?” (Should Malaysia Government Recognize UEC), which the article contains a online poll to ask Malaysian (or online visitor) whether should the government recognize it or no need. SinChew reported that the poll result being used by Malaysian […]