Flashback Express 5

FlashBack (formerly BB FlashBack) is a Blueberry Software Product This version is 5 which is not LATEST but the most stable and I personally used the most (until current). Latest version = is 6 which limited the feature of recording your PC sound, which is why I choose not to update to version 6 yet.

Mouse Highlighter (Best for Presenter)

Mouse pointer highlighting program. Very small and convenient in one file. Features. Mouse pointer highlight. Mouse click pointer highlight. Color, size adjustable. Requirements. .NET Framework 4.7.2. windows 10 version 1703 or later. Troubleshooting When setting DPI scaling of Windows, there may be problems with the program. 1. Download MouseHighlight_second.zip and unzip it. 2. Follow the Troubleshooting […]

iamJayChong Mini App

v0.5 23-March-2021 ADDED: Mouse 4th Button = Media Next Track v0.4 05-March-2020 REPLACED: Icon (from Commercial Logo -> iamJayChong’s Official Logo) v0.3 24th August 2017 ADDED: teamviewer crack v0.2 ADDED: Right Windows Key = “Context Menu (Mouse Right Click to show Properties) Key” v0.1 ADDED: Right Alt Key = “Context Menu (Mouse Right Click to […]

iamJayChong Official Media Kits (Version 4.0)

Change Log: 4.0 (13 Dec 2021): Added Jay Chong in Wushu Profile Picture (HYJ Wushu Malaysia) – PNG & PSD *credit to Master Ken Woo for the artwork   3.0 (3 August 2021): Added iamJayChong Tagline (white & black background) – PNG   2.0 (8 May 2021): Added “Be Giver, Not Taker”  (white & black […]

Caesium 1.7.0 (Installer and Portable)

Caesium Image Compressor Compress your pictures up to 90% without visible quality loss   Caesium is a free software developed for simplicity and effectiveness. Caesium is one of the most popular image optimization software available helping photographers, bloggers, webmasters, businesses or casual users at storing, sending and sharing digital pictures.   Credit: https://saerasoft.com/caesium